Schmidt Control Instruments

Tension Meter

Belt tension meter RTM-400

Belt Tension Meter

Force gauges PS, ZTS and test stand MX2-500

Force Gauge and Test Stands

Universal testing machine ZPM

Universal Testing Machine

Torque meters HTGS nd DTXA

Torque Meter

Tachometers PH-100A and DT-207A


Speed and length meter YS-20 and LMC

Speed and Length Meter

Stroboscopes DSL-300 and DT-315


Thickness gauges JA-50, FD-50 and D-2000

Thickness Gauge

Shore durometers HPSA, PHPSA and SHT

Shore Durometer

Textile hardness tester HP-5

Yarn Package Hardness Tester

Leak detect LDT-1


Stiffness tester KWS

Stiffness Tester

Sampler cutter 240/100, 230/50 and 230/10

Sample Cutter

Area weight balance AAR-300

Area Weight Balance

Textile moisture meters TEM-I and DHT-2

Textile Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter